Media Development Foundation (MDF) is accountable to the public. We consider complaints which are made under the Code of Conduct of Myth Detector.

“Myth Detector’s” editorial board gives an opportunity to all interested parties to submit a substantiated complaint about the inaccuracies in the materials. Interested parties may fill in an online form, address us via email (, Facebook or other social media and provide us with a comment related to a material and a substantiated complaint about an inaccuracy or error therein. 

Editorial board examines the complaint in a timely manner and informs the parties of its decision. In case of an inaccuracy or an error, corrections will be made immediately in all possible formats. 

Grammatical or mechanical errors (spelling), which essentially do not affect the reader's perception of the story, will be corrected directly in the text.

In the event of an essential error, the editorial board will apologize to the reader and make the correction in the introductory section of the article, explaining, wherever possible, in detail the cause of the error and clearly identifying the new facts and circumstances that have arisen.

If the development of the events substantially change the content of the article, an update will be posted at the beginning of the article, indicating current actual circumstances.