Myth Detector Code of Conduct

In conducting media monitoring, detecting fake news and verifying information we, the editorial staff, researchers and contributors of Myth Detector, a fact-checking portal of Media Development Foundation (MDF), are committed to the following guiding principles:  

    1. Accuracy

To publish accurate information and true facts, use reliable sources and conduct a comprehensive double-checking of misleading or distorted information.

In the event of selective and manipulative reporting of facts by a source, to explain the context in order not to mislead audience. 

    2. Impartiality

To rely only on evidence and act in an independent, impartial and apolitical manner. To apply identical standards and procedures in fact checking in order to avoid a selective approach. Our employee shall not be a member of any party or publicly support any candidate in election process. 

    3. Transparency of sources

To provide audience with a detailed information about sources so as to enable others to double check them too. Exceptions could be the cases when disclosure of a source may pose threat to him/her or information has been provided on the condition of confidentiality.

    4. Transparency of methodology

To explain to audience a methodology used in fact checking, also inform them of ways of correcting errors and providing feedback to the editorial staff.

    5. Correction

To correct a mistake immediately once we learn about it.  To update information when we learn that a source of misinformation or/and manipulation has corrected or deleted the initial version. To consider readers’ complaints under the Code of Conduct of Myth Detector.

    6. Prevention of discrimination

To prevent discrimination of people on the ground of race, color, religion, ethnic and national belonging, gender identity, social origin or any other trait.

    7. Transparency of organization and financing

Information about the organization, its structure, employees and sources of financing is transparent and available on the webpages of MDF and Myth Detector. Financing cannot in any way influence editorial decisions and content of research taken and conducted based on the Code of Conduct principles and fact checking methodology.