Anti-Liberal Club’s Video Manipulation on Migrants

26 March, 2018

On March 21, 2018, an ultra-nationalist Facebook page Anti-Liberal Club released a video titled “African migrants riot the street in Madrid” featuring the protesters damaging the cars in the street. Other interlinked ultra-nationalist websites (Geo Pepe and Anti-Paradox) also released the video. The same report was also disseminated by a webpage Interesting Developments, which has allegedly been created by Anti-Liberal Club, because the latter has been actively calling on users to like the page."

The video released by Anti-Liberal Club titled “African migrants riot the street in Madrid” is manipulative and serves to incite racist and xenophobic sentiments. The video features the protest rallies taking place in Madrid, namely in Lavapiés. According to the Spanish media, anti-establishment and far-left groups were among the protesters. Six Spanish nationals were arrested for setting fire to trash cans and parked cars, and causing extensive damage to bus shelters and bank branches.

1. Protest rallies continued in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid for several days and migrants as well as Spanish nationals participated in them.

Anti-Liberal Club provides information without full description of the context and developments that is one of the widespread propaganda methods. Riots in Lavapiés were triggered by the death of a Senegalese street vendor, who, according to the protesters, was being chased by police when he collapsed.

Stemming from its own purposes, Anti-Liberal Club provides only one-sided information to the readers and does not report that various groups were taking part in the rallies, thus focusing on migrants only.

2. Police arrested Spanish citizens and not migrants on charges of property damage.

A peaceful rally in Lavapiés grew into vandalism soon after its launch, but according to the Spanish media, the responsibility for the damage of stores, cars and other property lies on anti-establishment and far-left groups. Anti-Liberal Club conceals this information and does not report that the Spanish police arrested Spanish nationals and not migrants on vandalism charges.


By providing information without its context and full description of developments, Anti-Liberal Club offers its readers one-sided information and links violent acts only to migrants.