Pro-Governmental Media Spreading Misleading Information about the Shadow Cabinet of the Opposition

21 October, 2021

On October 20th, 2021,, the official website of TV Imedi, published an article entitled “Irakli Lataria: I have obtained the full composition of the UNM’s shadow cabinet.” The article under the rubric "Reliable Source" states that expert Irakli Lataria published the information on his social network. The article was also shared on TV Imedi's Facebook page. 

According to the post-based information, the shadow cabinet considers Kokhta Kodua and Megis Kardava, arrested for torturing prisoners, as candidates for the Minister of Prisons.


Based on Imedi News, “Akhali Taoba” published a similar article with the following headline: “Vakho Sanaia to become the Minister of Defense - I have obtained the full composition of the UNM’s shadow cabinet.” An article with an identical title of “Akhali Taoba” was published by the pro-governmental media outlet Marshalpress, creating the impression that journalist Vakho Sanaia is being considered for the post of Defense Minister.

A text identical to Imedi News was publishedზე,, and



The coverage of Irakli Lataria's post by the pro-governmental media, without indicating that Lataria did not indicate the source of information, that the information has not been confirmed, and the post is probably satirical, is misleading. Without proper reference, the published articles present the satirical post as an expert opinion or reality.

On October 20th, 2021, the pro-governmental expert Giorgi Lataria has published a post on his Facebook account, claiming that he had obtained the complete composition of the UNM’s shadow cabinet. Lataria did not specify the source of information. The post itself is allegedly satirical, given that the users’ response to the post is ironic as well.

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